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Term 1 Week 9

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Term 1 Week 9


We are looking forward to an exciting Year in 2022 with a great bunch of new Kinders next year. We had a curios group visit school yesterday for a small taste of what our wonderful school has to offer. Our Year 6 leaders did a wonderful job taking prospective families for a tour around the school. We look forward to seeing many again at our Open Day next term and during the Orientation process.


We are having a special day tomorrow -- Easter Bonnets and Easter Dress up. All the children are invited to come in free dress and/or in Easter bonnets for a fun day. A gold coin donation will go towards hampers for  the P&F Easter Raffle.

We are inviting parents to attend the parade of bonnets and costumes on Friday afternoon from 2:10pm. The parade will take part in the COLA and through the garden, Parents will be asked to stay socially distanced along the vantage points and must check in using the Service NSW App. Any parents who wish to take their children home after the parade may do so.

We look forward to seeing parents enjoying the school activities of their children once again.


Sadly, I need to remind parents of the Disable Parking space outside the main gate is not for stopping to drop off or pick up children at school.


This year we have introduced a program aimed at giving children knowledge and skill on how to monitor and self-regulate their emotions. The children will learn how they fit into the 4 zones and how they can move between them during the day. The four zones are: BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW & RED and can be summarised in this diagram.

Zones of Regulation | Stukey Elementary

Each class is developing their own icons to fit their style, but the ZONES are the same. Please talk to your children about what they are learning and how they can use the strategies they are taught. More information each newsletter. Every class has a lesson each fortnight at the same time.


We will be incorporating a new pick up procedure from the beginning of Term 2.


Did you KNOW?  Parents engaging tutors for their children should be asking the tutor to provide a Working With Children Check application or clearance number - then verifying that number online.

Verifying a clearance online is quick and easy and ensures that a Working With Children Check clearance is current.
• Verify now!
• Information for parents about the Working With Children Check

The Certificate for Self Employed People from the old Working With Children Check system is no longer valid.

Report a concern -- Please use the report a concern form if you believe an individual or an organisation is not meeting NSW Working With Children Check obligations.

Tutors and other professionals that visit children at school will have had their credentials checked by our system before they can provide their service at OLV.

Children’s First Reconciliation 

Last Thursday a number of our students participated in the first rite of Reconciliation. We congratulate them on their faith journey and pray that they will find the strength and faith to complete their First Holy Communion and Confirmation over the next few months.   

Holy Week  

Palm Sunday  is a celebration for honoring Jesus Christ's victorious entry into Jerusalem. While this was a joyful, special occasion for his followers, this event took place towards the end of his days on Earth before being crucified.  

Maundy Thursday (also known as Holy Thursday) commemorates the Last Supper, where Christ lays out the model for the Eucharist or Holy Communion. During the meal, Jesus predicted the events that would immediately follow, including his betrayal, the Denial of Peter, and his death and resurrection. 

Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary. It is observed during Holy Week as part of the Paschal Triduum on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday, and may coincide with the Jewish observance of Passover. 

Easter Sunday is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide. It commemorates Jesus Christ's resurrection from death, as written in the Christian bible. Easter Sunday commemorates Jesus' resurrection from death. 


Week 10 Liturgies 

On Monday next week, we will begin our week with Year 4 hosting our Holy Thursday Liturgy in the hall at 9am. Parents of Year 4 children are invited to come along and join us. Don't forget to check in at the office before coming to the hall.

We will be trying something new on Thursday at 10am,  Year 5/6 and Year 2 will present The Stations of the Cross. This will be set up around the school yard following the stations of Christ's passion.  As "pilgrims" we will follow the story and reflect on how this moment in Christ's life reflects in us and by accompanying him on the Way of the Cross, we touch into the pain, desolation and courage of Jesus and learn to place our trust in God who, in Jesus, transforms death into new life. If you are unable to attend, highlights will be posted on our Facebook page.  

I wish all our families a safe and holy Easter. Please take the time to attend some of the masses over this time.  


A warm hello to the community of Our Lady of Victories, my name is Rose Mahoney and I will be working as the Family Ministry Coordinator here at OLV. As Family Ministry Coordinator (FMC) my role is to connect and form relationships with families, students and staff. I hope to be a point of contact between the parish and the school, someone you can talk to and answer any question you may have. I hope to connect with the whole community through a variety of exciting and engaging programs and formation experiences.

I am an active parishioner at Wallsend-Shortland, and you will find me at St Patrick’s church Wallsend at 10am on a Sunday morning. Within this parish I am involved in the formation of young adults (18-35) and I currently run a young adult group social event once a month.

I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. Please feel free to contact me at any time. 

I will leave you with this quote from St Thérèse of Lisieux, it is one I use to guide my everyday actions and how I hope to approach working with the community of OLV.

“Remember that nothing is small in the eyes of God. Do all that you do with love.”   - St Thérèse of Lisieux



With thoughts and prayers,

Rose Mahoney (FMC).








    New Finance System

    Our finance system will be replaced and centralised within the Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Diocese at the beginning of Term 2.  This will require a new platform for Compass and a brand new Finance System. 

    Leanne was in training last week.  We ask that all parents be patient with implementing this system over the next few weeks and we are looking forward to moving ahead with Technology One.


    Thank you to all families that have returned their verification report form. We only have a few families who have not returned their form as yet. If you have received another form, could you please check all details are current and up to date, sign the form and return to the office as soon as possible.  

    This is the first step in changing over systems and your prompt response in returning the forms would be very appreciated.



    Kindergarten Enrolments are open.  Please download the attached Enrolment Form or contact the office for an enrolment pack.


    In Kinder this week the children were asked to draw a picture 

    of themselves, write their name and the names of other people in their family. Then they were asked to write any words or letters that they knew. Well done Kindergarten, Mrs Bradley was impressed!

    Year 1

    In year 1, we have been continuing to develop our information report writing. We have been working towards writing information reports independently, continuing to co-construct and meet our success criteria. Below are some examples of writing that has been writing independently. We are very proud of the writing progress this term in Year 1!

    In Reading Groups we have been practising our spelling through a variety of activities. We use letter stamps, 'rainbow-writing' of sight words, phonics activities and brainstorming of words that feature our focus blend/rule as ways to consolidate our spelling each week. 

    Year 2

    This week you will see samples of our conclusions for our recounts.

    Year 3

    Over the last few weeks, Year 3 has been creating some wonderfully descriptive introductions to their narratives. The children have used descriptions of the setting to begin each of their stories. To help them get started, they were asked to think about the following questions: What can you see? What can you hear? What can you smell? What can you feel? What can you taste? You will find five writing samples from Year 3 below. The children hope you enjoy reading them.

    Year 4

    Year 4 have been busy developing and improving our writing skills this term. We wrote Dreamtime Stories about Echidnas a few weeks ago. We worked together to develop Success Criteria to help us write our stories well. When we finished our plan and our drafts, we published our stories and displayed them on our wall. We are sharing our stories with you this week. We hope you enjoy them!

     Year 5/6

    The images we see this week, are the typed version of the handwritten recounts Year 5/6 showcased in the last newsletter. After editing their work in their books, the children typed their texts.

    One thing we all agreed upon is that when we type, we forget a lot of our punctuation and that is something we are determined to improve upon. This will be one of our writing goals moving forward.

    Putting that aside, the way their writing has flourished over the last few weeks, has been wonderful to see. Their writing is more descriptive writing, more emotive and the imagery they create with their wonderful word choices is impressive. Every student in Year 5 and 6 should be so very proud of their achievements this term.



    Unfortunately we had to postpone today's event due to the soggy conditions underfoot. If we get some decent weather over the weekend we may be able to hold our event on Wednesday next week. We will make that decision on Monday and let parents know. 

    The event will not be compulsory for all but we do encourage all the children to participate in some way -- whether walking, running, skipping and hopping the course -- if you now what I mean.

    Our Infants are invited to complete a 500m course, our 8 - 10yr olds will complete a 2km course and our 11 & 12 year olds will complete a 3km course.  The top 2 of those that can complete the whole course running all the way and be under the Diocesan qualifying times will be invited to represent the school at the Diocesan event.

    Let's cross our fingers for some fine weather over the coming days,


    For those that missed it, Gemma M represented the school and Diocese at the Polding Championships last Monday in Sydney. In a very impressive time of 40.64, she blitzed her heat of the 50m Freestyle and finished 9th overall. Well done Gemma -- we are very proud of you.

    Click the link to check out her impressive swim in Lane 6.



    The children will fiinish their Gymnastics program next week. In Term 2 they will be participating in an intensive Athletics Skills program to develop their running, jumping and throwing skills in preparation for the School Athletics Carnival next term.



    Probable date has been set for THURSDAY 10 JUNE. Keep the date in your diary -- we hope to be able to invite parents to attend as volunteer helpers and spectators.

    Kinder Matilda B, Christopher H, Ruby B, Tomi O
    Year 1 Grace B, Van Kakoulidis, Lachlan T
    Year 2 John H, Luka S, Madelyn M, Ruby A
    Year 3 Clayton S, Lilly W, Joseph B, William T
    Year 4 Summer F, Margreit K, Ojo T, Mark M
    Year 5/6 Harry F, Isla W, Finlay B, Breanna M
    Captains Emmesen P
    Lexia Awards Ojo T - Level 18, Pippa M - Level 3


    After a long absence from the school scene, our Association met for the AGM and first meeting of the year.


    The AGM was held Monday 22nd March, following school at 3:10pm. The meeting saw the election of a new committee.

    President: Kylie Gallagher

    Vice President: Kylie Westaway

    Secretary: Jacqui Barrett

    Treasurer: Nasan Obray

    Canteen: Hayley Goodchild

    Uniform Pool: Kylie Gallagher/Nasan Obray (interim)

    The new committee wishes to thank the outgoing committee for all their efforts throughout the past year, it has been a difficult year with COVID-19.


    We will be conducting a "mini" fundraiser before the end of term (just to get things rolling again). We will be making up some hampers to raffle. Instead of asking for donations of eggs, we ask for a gold coin donation for the Easter Bonnet and Dress Up day at school tomorrow. This coming Friday the 26th March 2021, all children are invited to come in their best Easter hat/Outfit for a gold coin donation & consequent parade.

    Also, commencing this Friday children can bring in extra money to purchase raffle tickets for 10 Easter prizes, at 50c a ticket, or guess how many eggs in the drink bottle competition for 50c a guess. The winners will be drawn and announced on the last day of term being Thursday 1st April 2021.

    Mother’s Day

    Term 2 will see the return of the Mother’s Day Stall, with gifts at $5 each. Further information regarding this event will follow in week 1 of Term 2.

    Uniform Pool

    The weather is starting to cool down and this brings about a change in uniform. If anyone has any second hand uniforms they wish to donate to the uniform pool, please bring into the front office. Thankyou for your donations.


    The P&F would like to extend a congratulations to Gemma Mooney for her exceptional efforts at Polding this week.

    Meeting Times

    Given that no additional parents attended the trial afternoon meeting, from the next meeting 26th April 2021 the start time will go back to 7pm. ALL WELCOME to attend.

    We would like to wish the following children a Happy Birthday

    Kindergarten Jemima K
    Year 1 Grace B, Jesuloba A, Sophia T, Tom W
    Year 2
    Year 3 Shammah N
    Year 4 Harrison S
    Year 5/6 Harry F

    Congratulations and we hope you had a happy day



    Check out this link for more info on St Nicholas OOSH.

    2021 Vacation care for Easter holidays

    How to enrol for our OOSH Services:

    You will be able to access the school newsletter here and notifications will come through Schoolzine. Please DO NOT use the old SkoolBag App. It is no longer used for communications of notifications and messages..

    Go to this link to download the Schoolzine App: