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Term 4 Week 7

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Term 4 Week 7


On Saturday last week, our Diocese lost a wonderful Pastor and servant of the people. Bishop William Wright passed away after a short battle with lung cancer. He had resigned his position as Bishop of Maitland Newcastle in September and passed away in hospital last weekend.

He had the difficult task of healing the broken people of our Diocese due to the sexual misconduct of some of its priests and leaders.  His work on this is recognised as being an important conduit for this healing.

I had the pleasure and honour of joining Bishop Bill on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2019, and it was his presence that brought a calmness and holiness to the experience. I had the honour of renewing my wedding vows with my wife, Narelle, in the church in Cana, where Jesus performed his first miracle at the wedding there, along with three other couples on our pilgrimage. Bishop Bill presided over the ceremonies. His words were full of love and God's blessings. A great gift to his people.


May his soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed, Rest in Peace. Amen


We had a great time last week introducing our 2022 Kinder cohort to the OLV community. Everyone was very excited about coming to a new place, meeting their buddies and finding out what was in store for them. With  the little ones coming from different Pre-School settings, it is important to encourage new friendships and social interaction.

Our Year 4 & 5 children also showed great leadership and responsibility in caring for their little buddies.

We look forward to the next gathering on Thursday 25 November.

Here is a glimpse of the morning.



Congratulations to the Butler family for welcoming a handsome baby boy, Henry, into the world last Thursday.  Matilda is a great big sister.


Your child's Semester 2 Reports will be available through COMPASS from Friday 10 December. Due to COVID (and similar to last year's lockdown, the report format will be different than usual.

The Semester 2 Report is focused on the Religion, English and Mathematics outcomes and content taught between when the Semester 1 Reports were written and the timing of the reports in Term 4.

  • The Commitment to Learning is a scale from Emerging to High and based on RE, English and Maths
  • The Student Achievement in these same subjects will be recorded as Working Towards, Working At or Working Beyond class expectations for the semester.
  • The Learner Profile Section includes Personal and Social Development as well as Learning Dispositions on a scale from ‘Requires Support’ through to ‘Consistently’.
  • There will be opportunity for teachers to provide a comment for parents identifying a student’s strengths and any challenges that can be developed in coming months. These will continue to link learning between the school and home as we transition to the new year.

Every student in NSW has had their learning impacted by these experiences and educators are intensely aware of the consequences. As a faith community, we acknowledge parents as the primary carers, educators and formators of their children. For this reason, you are uniquely situated at this time to provide additional insight in the progress and ongoing support of your children's learning now, and into the future. Together, we will work to reduce the long-term broad impact of COVID-19 on student outcomes.

If parents would like to discuss anything about their child's learning, please feel free to contact their teacher to arrange an appointment.


We are working hard at holding a meaningful and celebratory occasion for our Year 6 children. In the past, we have included the whole school, children and parents, to celebrate and send off our Year 6 children, but it is looking like this will be scaled down this year to only include the parents of the Year 6 children. If restrictions change we should be able to celebrate in a bigger way.

Graduation will be on Tuesday 14 December from 9:30am


Parents/Carers of children enrolled in this year's Sacramental program are invited to attend an Information Night - First Eucharist on Tuesday 23 November 2021 at Our Lady of Victories Church at 7pm. Children need not attend. Masks are mandatory. Children will receive First Eucharist at Sunday Masses during December 5th, 12th and 19th at both St Patrick's and Our Lady of Victories churches. Bookings are essential and need to be made at the Information night.

 Thanks again,

Christine Connelly - Sacramental Team

0407 253 243


Kinder are learning to use adjectives in their writing. Adjectives are words that describe nouns. They can be colour words (easiest to use), shape or size words like' round' and 'big', 

number words like 'ten' and 'many', feeling words like 'soft' and 'furry' and taste words like 'sweet' and 'sour'. Can you spot the adjectives in our work samples?

Year 1

In Writing lessons both in lockdown and since we've been back at school, Year 1 have been learning how to write 'stretchy sentences'. 'Stretchy sentences' are sentences that give lots of detail - using similes and descriptive language - to help the reader conjure up an image in their head. Stretchy sentences cover details such as who, where, why, how, and what. Stretchy sentences feature in good examples of narrative writing and they are much more interesting to read than simple sentences. Here are some examples of our independent writing in class. 

Year 2

Year 2 read the book How to sneak a Monster to school by Christopher Francis.  Then they worked in pairs to write their own procedures. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Year 3

Year 3 has been working on writing 'procedures'. A procedure consists of three main parts: 1. Title    2. Things Needed    3. Method. Sometimes, a 'tip' or 'warning' may be added to the procedure, at the end. Three examples of a procedure are: recipes, scientific experiments and how to do something. When writing a procedure, the 'things needed' are always listed in the order they are needed. 

Here are three samples of a procedure written by students in Year 3. Their task was to write a procedure about 'Getting Ready for School'. The fourth sample of writing is a narrative written by one of the students about a race between an elephant and a guinea pig. Happy reading, everyone!

Year 4

Year 4 has been working on writing a Recount of a picture book we have been studying over the last couple of weeks. The story is called, “Where the Forest Meets the Sea” by Jeannie Baker. It is a wonderful story with very few words, but we found it really interesting! We found it related very much to our unit in Geography on Sustainability.

Here are some of our attempts to recount the story in our own words.

Year 5/6

Year 5 and 6 have really worked hard all year on their writing by carefully choosing words, experimenting with word order, and adding a range of literary devices to their work. Recently they worked on improving their writing by including complex sentences. Given a variety of images, they created amazing sentences. Enjoy the wonderful word choices of these fabulous young authors!

The hungry owl waited patiently as the clueless mouse scurried by. Cooper

The fluffy owl stared while he camouflaged himself to get away from the insane hunter. Caleb

The owl sat motionless as it waited for the perfect time to pounce. Breanna

The owl sat patiently waiting, searching around with his beady eyes for their prey. Levi

Like a feather on an eagle, the two boys soared through the sky, dodging clouds left and right. Julian

The children shrieked with pleasure because they were having the time of their lives, viewing the world underneath. Ruby

Wind whistled loudly in their ears, until the passengers on the aircraft noticed them. El

The mischievous ant held onto the leaf because one wrong step and it could lead to his sudden death. Marley

As the ant looked out of his leaf spaceship, all he could see was planets, other spaceships and aliens having parties. Tahlia

The ant floated slowly until he fell off the waterfall. Fin

The tiny ant was as still as a statue as any wrong move could lead to serious consequences. Sonia

The ant that was floating on the leaf was scared of drowning in the dangerous flood waters, until the ant firefighter came and saved him. Harry

A range of emotions filled James' mind whilst the bright white sand flicked upon him. Annalise

As his heart pumped faster than ever before, he flipped really high. Georgina

He did all kinds of tricks, until disaster struck. Elsie

The man flipped on his board while he watched the impending doom down below. Archie

The snowboarder’s adrenaline rose as he flipped over the snow covered mountain, realizing he could see the whole world. Isla



2022 School Fee Information Form

Please find attached your 2022 School Fee Information Form.  Could you please fill in the attached form and return to school no later then the 30th November, 2021.  This form helps the school prepare the correct school fees for next year. Your nominated person responsible for school fees is the name that is currently on your fee statement now. 

You can fill in the form online through your compass notification and return by email or you can print the form out and return to school next time you are dropping off or picking up your child/ren, or place in the school letterbox.

Every child attending OLV needs to have a form submitted which helps the school prepare the correct school fees for next year. Please ensure nominated person responsible for school fees is indicated clearly in the form.

Library News

Unfortunately,  library borrowing is coming to an end. Next week will be our last week for borrowing. Please ensure all library books are returned by Wednesday 1st December. If books have been damaged or lost, please let me know and I will forward to you the cost for replacement.


Happy Reading


With school holidays just around the corner, students will be spending more time at home and online. These eSafety webinars are guides for parents to help keep their children and young people safe this summer.

Parent guide to digital technologies and mental health

This Term 4 webinar will provide parents and carers with an understanding of how games, apps and social media can influence young people’s mental wellbeing

It is designed for parents and carers of young people aged 10-18.

It will cover: 

  • What to do about accidental exposure to content about suicide, self-harm or eating disorders 
  • Using games, apps ad social media to support mental wellbeing
  • The pros and cons of digital media platforms
  • Strategies for young people to support friends online.

Register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/rt/8245460212320493072

Date (AEDT):  Thursday 18 November 12.30 to 1.30 pm

The Council of Catholic School Parents are running an additional session fo this presentation on 22 November for CS parents and carers: CCSP_guide_to_digital_tech_and_mental_health_A5_Flyer.pdf


Kinder Ruby H, Maksim S, Henry W, Elizabeth L
Year 1 Joyce H, Eli O, Brian K, Anabel L
Year 2  Madelyn M, Toma V, Luka S, Gabriella K
Year 3 Indi P, Maxwell W, William T, Leisha K
Year 4 Chase B, Thomas E, Alek S, Zoe W
Year 5/6 Sonia K, Marley B, Harry F, Julian A
Lexia Awards

Thomas O, Matilda B, Erleen S, Charlie F, Joyce H, Josie B, Charlie M, Annabelle H, Evan S

Congratulations to Evan, Erleen, Annabelle and Chase in Year 1 for completing the Minilit program Level 1.


Congratulations to all children who have completed Lexia levels during Home Based Learning.

I will have your certificates for you when you are back at school!

We would like to wish the following children a Happy Birthday.

Kindergarten Eleanor T
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4 Indigo H
Year 5/6 Tahlia B

Congratulations and we hope you had a happy day



Please find attached P & F minutes.


The Federation of P7F Associations is holding  its AGM and General Meeting on Tuesday 30 November (NB - thia is a new date) via ZOOM from 6:30 - 7pm and then the Genral Meeting from 7:00pm to 8:30am.

If you would like to tune in please RSVP by Friday 26 November your intentions to cath.garrett-jones@mn.catholic.edu.au with your email contact to receive a ZOOM link.

We look forward to these meetings as an opportunity to affirm our commitment to Catholic education and the important role of parents and carers in the partnership that exits between schools, parishes and the broader community.

You will be able to access the school newsletter here and notifications will come through Schoolzine. Please DO NOT use the old SkoolBag App. It is no longer used for communications of notifications and messages..

Go to this link to download the Schoolzine App:



How to enrol for our OOSH Services: