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Term 1 Week 4

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Term 1 Week 4


A number of new students started with OLV this year.  Welcome Daniel, Ella, Xanthie and Tyson and their families.  We wish them a fruitful time at Our Lady of Victories.



Schools across the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle will celebrate their strength of community when they open doors to families and friends for Catholic Schools Week (CSW) 2020.

CSW runs from Sunday 1 March to Saturday 7 March and the theme is  “Drawing from the well. Invitation, Encounter, Witness”. This acknowledges that Jesus Christ is always at the heart of everything we do. Recognising this is the foundation of a Catholic school education, the lens through which everything is viewed, and the belief that informs all policies and decisions.

“Invitation, Encounter, Witness” celebrates the connection of the school community with Jesus Chirst. Our students are invited to the well, where, with Jesus as their guide they encounter diversity of learning in a supportive and inclusive environment, and witness service to others and the community.

We will be opening our school to the community to come and have look at the great things we do. We will be opening the week with a liturgy on Monday morning followed by a “Meet and Greet” morning tea in the hall from 9:30am. From 10am the classrooms will be open for your inspection and interaction. There will be different things happening in different classes, so feel free to wander about and check everything out.

On Wednesday and Friday mornings of that week from 10am, the school will be open to interested families looking to enrol in 2021. We will start with a short presentation ad move to school tours conducted by the students. We have invited all the preschools in the area to come along as a group or as individual families.

Please come along and celebrate with us if you can.

Catholic Schools Week also marks the start of the 2021 enrolment period for all 58 schools across the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. The region’s newest Catholic high school, Catherine McAuley Catholic College, Medowie, will welcome its first enrolments in Year 7 and Year 8 for 2021. 

With so many activities happening across all schools throughout the week, check out our Catholic Schools Week's Events Calendar or contact your local school to make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to get involved in the celebrations and see why so many families choose a Catholic education for their child.

If a member of your family is a student of one of our schools, or if you are considering a Catholic education for your child, please come along and celebrate with us.

 1-2-3 MAGIC

Expressions of Interest

Are you interested in attending a parenting program to learn:

  • Why children behave the way they do
  • How to support your children to manage their own emotions and behaviour
  • How the brain effects behaviour
  • How to maintain a successful relationship with your child
  • Learn to manage difficult behaviour in children 2-12

The Family Action Centre of the University of Newcastle is offering to provide a proven successful parenting strategy called “1-2-3 MAGIC” They would like to offer this course to interested parents and friends at OLV in the near future. The course consists of 3 x 2 hour sessions and would be provided free. We would like to gauge any interest by filling out an Expression of Interest form in the office. It asks if you are interested, know someone who might be, when the course could be offered.


Learning doesn’t always happen within the classroom setting. Children experience a myriad of learnings outside the formal school setting without really realising it.

At our assembly next week, we will be visited by a representative of the Children’s University. She will explain to the children (and any interested parents) about a program offered by the University of Newcastle as a way to encourage children to explore their learning outside the prescribed curriculum, be it in sport, the arts, technology and more.

Shaye Bourke will provide some information flyers for parents and with their children to express an interest in participating in the program. The main idea is for children to explore learning opportunities outside of school hours and to interact with this learning in a positive manner.

There will be opportunities in school (lunch times and after school) as well as recognising the learning activities they are involved in themselves. The children are given a “passport” to get stamped when they recognise learning in which they have participated. Their aim would be to participate in 30 extra-curricular hours by the end of the year.

Shaye would also like to present the program to interested parents at our next P&F meeting (2 March).


As COMPASS has been with us now for over a year, the teachers are ready to explore new ways of engaging parents on their children’s learning. The App will be used to convey messages, reminders and notices relevant to each class. It will be a forum to communicate.

To ensure you have this access parents will either need the APP or access COMPASS through the webpage at:


A Compass App “training” for new parents and any else who would like a refresher will be available  on Wednesday afternoon (12 Feb) at 3:15 in the library. In the meantime parents could use the instruction booklet below to begin using COMPASS.

Compass Instructions


One of the new learning structures we would like to introduce is uninterrupted literacy and numeracy blocks. To achieve this is to reduce the number of interruptions to the class prior to 2pm. To help achieve this goal we ask parents not to go to the classrooms after morning assemblies, bringing lunches, hats, etc to the classroom if forgotten. Rather, we ask parents to report prior to the office and leave messages there. Teachers will be notified prior to lunch and recess of any outstanding matters.

The only real interruption will be if you child needs to leave early. Please report to the office to sign them out and Mrs Fry will notify the class of this and your child will come to the office. If your child arrives late, please sign them in at the office kiosk as your child goes to class.

Remember gates on Sandgate Rd and the bottom gate on Lovell Pde are not opened before 8:30am. These gate will be locked again at 9:15am. Access into the school is only through the intercom on the top gate on Lovell Pde (main entrance) outside these times.


As mentioned in the last newsletter, Spelling is the focus of our explicit teaching in 2020.

Last week all teachers met and discussed how they are already implementing the ideas put together towards the end of 2019. It was an amazing and uplifting discussion and with such dedication and focus on the task, we will see a marked improvement in the spelling abilities of the OLV students in no time.

No doubt in the parent sessions your child’s teacher has held recently (except 5/6) you would have received an outline of how spelling will be structured in your child’s classroom and how you can help at home to reinforce the rules and spelling strategies being taught and practiced at school. If this is something you missed, you are more than welcome to make an appointment to see your class teacher and discuss this with them.


We had a very sad time at OLV last week.  We wish the Tum family (Ojo Year 3) and the Bradley family (Maree Kinder) our sincerest sympathies and condolences for the loss of their mothers. It is a very sad time for everyone involved and we wish them all God's blessings and comfort during their time of grief.  These events will also have some effect on the children, parents and staff at OLV and we acknowledge that and wish to let people know if there are any continued anxieties in your children to please contact the school or access the Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800.


Shove Tuesday

Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. Lent – the 40 days leading up to Easter – was traditionally a time of fasting and on Shrove Tuesday, Anglo-Saxon Christians went to confession and were “shriven” (absolved from their sins).

Shrove Tuesday was when the eggs, butter and fat was used to ensure it was all gone for Lenten season. The tradition of celebrating Shrove Tuesday and eating pancakes began because people wanted to use up the tempting food that they were giving up for Lent.

On Tuesday 25th February, we will begin the day with our Shrove Tuesday Liturgy at 9am. During this liturgy we will burn the palms from last year’s Palm Sunday service and these ashes will be used on Ash Wednesday.

At lunch time we will be selling pancakes for 50c for a small pancake with toppings or $1 for a large pancake with toppings so please send in some money on this day so your child can participate in this activity.

Lent is coming!


Ash Wednesday is a Christian holy day of prayer and fasting. It is preceded by Shrove Tuesday and falls on the first day of Lent, the six weeks of penitence before Easter. Ash Wednesday is traditionally observed by Western Christians. It is observed by Anglicans, most Latin rite Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Moravians, Nazarenes, Indendent Catholics, as well many from the Reformed faith.

As it is the first day of Lent, many Christians begin Ash Wednesday by marking a Lenten calendar, praying a Lenten daily devotional, and making a Lenten sacrifice that they will not partake of until the arrival of Eastertide.

Ash Wednesday derives its name from the placing of repentance ashes on the foreheads of participants to either the words "Repent, and believe in the Gospel" or the dictum "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return." The ashes are prepared by burning palm leaves from the previous year's Palm Sunday celebrations.

Please join us for our Ash Wednesday Mass at 9:15asm in the church.


Parent of children who wish to be involved in the parish Sacramental Program should note that the Information Meeting for families will be on Monday 2 March at 7pm at Wallsend. All the children in the Parish will be prepared as one with one ceremony at the end of preparation. No dates for the Sacraments to be conferred have bene set as yet.


We had a lovely start to this week with Year 1 leading us in our Monday morning liturgy. Our Year 6 Leaders have taken over the introduction to our Monday Liturgies. They will conduct the formalities of starting the week and hand over to the class teacher for an introduction to the week’s liturgy. Please stay after dropping you children on Monday morning for the week’s reflection if you are able.


Week 5-Listening Liturgy led by Year 2, 24/02/2020

           - Shrove Tuesday 9am 25/02/2020

           - Ash Wednesday Mass 9.15am 26/02/2020

Week 6-Catholic Schools Liturgy led by 5/6

Week 7-Project Compassion Liturgy led by Year 3

Week 8-St Joseph’s Liturgy led by Year 1

Week 9-Annunciation Liturgy led by Year 4

Week 10-Palm Sunday Liturgy led by Year 2


During the week, primary students were given the opportunity to join at least one of the following groups, School Choir, Altar Servers or Mini Vinnies. There were a number of students interested in participating in these groups which was fabulous.  It is great to see that our students are community minded.


Jennie Nolan is our Family Ministry Co-ordinator. Jennie’s role is to provide and run programs to assist families in O.L.V. She works throughout the region of Shortland / Wallsend / Glendale and is employed by the Catholic Schools Office.

This note is to gauge your interest in Jennie running sessions for our parents and carers.

  1. Seasons for Growth Parent Program.

This is a program we will be offering for the children, later in the year to support children who are dealing with separation / divorce or other losses. It is recognised that it helps if you, the parents, learn how to communicate with the children using the Seasons language the children are using.

More about SFG later.

  1. A parent retreat…….”all about you. “

In the busyness of life kids, partners, school drop offs and pick ups……Jennie would like to provide a couple of hours of “me time – for you.” We would make sure if you had little ones they were looked after.               


Yes , I would love to learn more about the



My preferred day / evening 



I would need assistance with child care.          

                                      yes / no



This year we have a new member to our staff Sr Milla. She will be helping out in the classrooms, doing some pastoral care work, running the Mini Vinnies group, choir and training altar servers. Sr Milla will also work with Jennie Nolan in continuing to offer afternoon tea for our parents and friends twice a term. Dates will be advertised in the newsletter and via compass later on in the term for our afternoon cuppa. 

Patty Dunn – REC

My name is Sr Milla from the congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. My Congregation is dedicated to pray and support families in 12 countries. Originally, I am from Poland where I was a teacher of religion for 16 years in various schools.

At Our Lady of Victories Shortland and Rosary Park in Branxton, I am working as a Pastoral Care Worker. At school so far I take care training students for Altar Service, Choir and supporting the Mini Vinnies group. Encouraging and helping students to understand the Holy Mass, uplifting hearts and supporting the development of their talents in singing and caring for others in need. 

This is a great privilege and pleasure for me as a staff member at school. If some children or parents need to talk, need my presence, or to be with, I am available. If something has happened in children's families I am always ready to support them and their families and pray their intentions.

During this term I would like to invite parents for Afternoon Tea on Wednesdays 4th March and the 25 of March at 2.20 pm in the School Hall. Looking forward to meeting you and talking with you.

We have a great opportunity to provide at school the three session 1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching a Parent course, at our school next term. If you are interested please let me know on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons this term.

Praying for all the students and families from our school,

May God bless you,

Sr Milla.





If you have not returned your Family Discount Form please do so as soon as possible. Forms have been sent home this week for parents who haven’t completed one, this is in preparation for 2020 school fees. This is an important form that we then use to calculate the fees for the year. It is vital that all parents complete this form and indicate if we need to apply Family Discount (including sibling across both primary and high schools within the Catholic system), Health Care card discount and the optional contribution to the Diocesan Pastoral Care Program. The Diocesan Pastoral Care Program contribute to the ongoing wellbeing of those most in need within our Diocese.  This form must be filled out even if you only have one child in the Catholic Dioceses.


2020 Fees have been sent home.  Please ensure payment is made by the due date.  If you are making payments via BPAY or Direct Debit, it is up to you to ensure that your payments are adequate to clear your account by the end of the term or year.  If you require an extension or wish to discuss the matter please contact Leanne in the office. All families with payment agreements should continue with them in 2020.  If you would like to have a payment plan worked out please contact Leanne in the office.



2020 School Fees

Fee statements have been emailed to the email address nominated to the school.  Please ensure your email and address details are up to date and notify us of any changes immediately.  If you have not received your statement please contact the office.

Payment Options:


Our Biller Code is 136119 and the Reference Number is the account number on your statement (BPAY is only available for fee payments.  If you pay any excursions etc via BPAY please email the school otherwise the payment will be deducted from your fees.

Direct Debit: 

Please contact the office for a Direct Debit Request Form.


Payment plans are offered commencing Term 1.  Your nominated deduction amount must be finalised by the due date on your payment plan.  If you wish to pay by instalments you can contact Leanne in the office to assist you in calculating a week, fortnightly or monthly payment.

Credit Card/Eftpos:

OLV accepts Mastercard of Visa only. An authorisation slip is provided at the bottom of your statement each term.  Payments can also be made over the telephone

In Person

Parents are welcome to pay directly to the office between 8.30am and 3.00pm.

2020 Fee Description Yearly Amount



Family or Student Fee
2020 Tuition Fees $1275.00 $425 x 3 Terms Per Student
2020 Diocesan Family & School Building Levy $1250.00

$418.00 Term 1

$416.00 Terms 2 & 3

Per Family - Eldest Child
2020 Resource Fee $270.00 $90.00 x 3 Terms Per Student
2020 Technology Fee $150.00 $50.00 x 3 Terms Per Student
2020 Grounds Levy $150.00 $50.00 x 3 Terms Per Family
2020 Sport Fee $140.00 $47.00 x 3 Terms Per Student
Diocesan Pastoral Contribution
2020 Voluntary Contributions $300.00 $100.00 x 3 Terms Per Family
Family Discount:

The Family Discount is applicable only to Tuition Fees, this is applicable to each child enrolled in a Maitland Newcatle Diocesan School.

The Diocesan Family and School Building Levy:

DFSBL is a compulsory fee, a rebate is applicable to families who contribute to the Parish Planned Giving.  As the levy is a compulsory fee it is not tax deductible.

Diocesan Pastoral Contriution:  

The DPC was intorouced in 2017 as a voluntary contribution of $300 per family ($100 per term).  A preference section was included on the family discount form, please ensure you have completed and returned the form.

Number of Children Enrolled in Maitland Newcastle Diocesan Schools Discount Percentage applied to Tuition Fees
1 Child Family 0%
2 Child Family 10%
3 Child Family 20%
4 Child Family 40%
5 Child Family 50%
Fee Concession:

OLV will assist those families who are experiencing genuine financial dificulties.  Those families are encouraged to contact the Office as soon as possible for a confidential discussion. Any agreement reached isvalid for the current year of applicaiton.  If your finanical circumstances change during the year please make contact with the office as soon as possible in order for us to assist you in organising an agreeable payment plan.

Health Care Card or Pension Card:

This provides a rebate of 50% off your tuition fees, less any family discount applied.

Please contact the Office as early as possible in 2020 for the relevant forms and provide a copy of your concession card.



All new volunteers who wish to volunteer at Our Lady of Victories (or any school/parish in the Diocese) are required to complete the Volunteer Induction Handbook.  This hand book covers all aspects of volunteering at school from Induction through to Code of Conduct, WHS, Confidentiality and Privacy.  Volunteers are required to complete a National Criminal History Check Consent Form (150 point of ID required), Working with Children Check Clearance, Registration Form, Volunteer Policy Declaration and Code of Conduct Declaration.  Volunteers are only able to assist in schools once all documents have been received and cleared (this can take up to 3 weeks).

The steps to obtain a Working with Children Check Clearance Number are as follows:

  1. Fill out an online application from www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/check
  2. When you have completed the application form, you will receive and Application number (APP by email.
  3. Take this Application number and proof of your identity to a NSW motor registry or Service NSW Office.  As it is not paid work the $80.00 fee will be waived.
  4. Once your application has been processed and you are cleared, you will receive your Working with Children Check number (WWC) by email( or post if you do have an email address).


As part of Our Lady of Victories’ commitment to student safety and welfare, our school has begun notifying parents of their child’s unexplained absence via SMS message & email.

This service provides an SMS / email notification to parents of children who are marked absent from school without explanation once the roll has been checked in the morning.

Where possible, it would be appreciated if parents can notify the school at their earliest convenience regarding a child’s absence.

 If a child is going to be absent for the day or is intending to arrive late (e.g. medical appointments etc.), then parents are asked to use the COMPASS APP or call the office to notify the school before 9:30am on the day rather than sending a note afterward.

It is hoped that by providing this service and in partnership with families we can continue to ensure all possible mechanisms are in place to maintain the safety of our students.


COMPASS is the preferred method of informing the school that your child is away. By sending it through COMPASS, it is immediately synced to the class roll. Teachers endeavour (technology permitting) to have their rolls marked by 9:30am. If your child is not present and you have not sent a compass notification (or contacted the office of an absence) you will be sent an SMS to advise that we have not received an absence “note” and your child is not present.

Please refrain from using other electronic forms of notifications such as email, Schoolzine or other APPS we have used in the past. If in doubt, call the office.



The Association’s next meeting will be on Monday 2 March at 7pm. The yearly reports from the different executives and the election of office bearers will take place at the AGM which will be followed by the General Meeting. If you would like to put yourself forward as an executive, the role descriptions are available below. Please come along and be part of the decision making processes of the school.


Lowes have informed us that the option of shorts and top for the girls should be available in the next couple of weeks. Keep your eye out for them.


OLV Hair Scrunchie Packs are now available to purchase for $5 each at our School Uniform Shop. If you can’t make it to the shop on a Thursday Morning, then send your $5 in a labelled envelope via your child’s class note bag.



In Kinder we are making progress in getting to know each other. We had great fun moving to some upbeat music, “Move and Freeze”, while interacting with our peers. Our Smart board is very engaging and we use it daily to sing counting and alphabet songs. We learnt the 6 L’s rule for sitting on the floor correctly – Look, Listen, Lips, Lap, Legs, Learn, and found a special spot for everyone to sit on the floor. We have had so much to learn about rules and routines and how to behave in the classroom, Library, Church and hall and how to line up and walk in lines. We are adjusting very well. Kinders are sitting with their class to eat while Year 5/6 have returned to their eating area. We have discussed playing with our class friends in Kinder and allowing our buddies to go and play with their own friends. We can still talk to our buddies and ask their help if needed. If your child cannot yet write their name, please help them to practice at home. We have learnt to write the numerals 1-5 and they may also need practice with these.


In Religion last week we thought about and discussed the other names used to refer to Jesus....such as 'The Son of God', 'King' and "The Good Shepherd'.  We listened to different Bible passages where we heard these names used for ‘Jesus’ and illustrated them beautifully in our Religion books.  It has been wonderful to see how well Year 1 have adapted to working independently during reading groups and we have enjoyed listening to everyone read.  We have worked on the phonics sounds: 'oo', 'ee' and this week 'll'.  Everyone is slowly getting used to writing on lines and making a great effort!  Year 1 have focused on using capital letters and full stops in their writing.  In Maths, we have been learning a range of addition and subtraction strategies.  These include: mental strategies, using pictures, blocks, dice and number lines.  We played some games where we add two dice together to find the total and we were learning to count on from the highest number.  In Science, we drew upon our knowledge of the five senses.  We took our lesson outdoors and sat quietly to listen for sounds and also draw what we could see or feel.  Everyone is excited about the return of PE rotations this week and will look forward to learning new skills!


What a busy time already!

During Mathematics the children have been working with numbers up to 1000. We have learnt a few games using a deck of cards to help us with our friends of ten. This week we are working on addition and subtraction.

In Religion we have read a number of parables and liked at the hidden meaning behind these. We also prepared for our opening school mass. Next Monday we will be leading the Monday morning liturgy so please come along.

In English we have been identifying common nouns, proper nouns and adjectives and trying to use these in our own writing. I have been reading Paul Jennings Funniest Stories to the children which they are really enjoying.


In Religion over the past two weeks, Yr 3 has been learning about the various groups that existed in Israel in the time of Jesus. Some of the groups Yr 3 has read about are: Pharisees, Sadducees, Levites, Zealots, Essenes, Men and Women. In Maths, the class has extended work for another week on addition and subtraction. This week Yr 3 has revised the ‘friends of 10’ and looked at the connection between addition and subtraction. Students have also focused on learning the multiplication tables – x2, x5, x10. In English, Yr 3 is reading the novel ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’ by Kate Di Camillo. After reading some chapters, the students complete activities relating to information they have read. In Science, Yr 3 join with Yr 4 every Friday to learn about ‘energy sources’. Over the last 2 lessons, the students have learnt about ‘heat’ and ‘light’ as sources of energy. Some great group work and discussions have made learning very successful. In Art, Year 3 has looked at various artworks of mythical creatures, particularly by Chinese artists, and have discussed the detail that is evident in each work. The students have also created their own image of a dragon, focusing on detail and colour.


We have had a wonderful start to 2020! We have settled in well to Year 4 and are all working well on tasks and activities and trying our best. In Religion, we are studying a unit on Jesus, looking at his role as a teacher and how Jesus taught people through his words and deeds. We are also learning that he taught people about the Kingdom of God through special stories called parables. We have each written a comic strip about a parable, using our own words and illustrations. In English, we are learning a lot about the Dreamtime and how it is such an important part of Indigenous culture. We have worked in groups to write a Dreamtime type story about an echidna, explaining how it developed a particular feature, e.g. “How the Echidna Got its Spikes”. We are enjoying our Spelling activities, particularly our group tasks. In Maths, we’ve had fun working with 5-digit numbers, including ordering, sequencing and reading the numbers. We went on to add and subtract numbers up to 5-digits. This week we are working on length using centimetres and millimetres. We have played and enjoyed lots of games in our Maths sessions. In Science, we have started our unit called, Energy Makes Things Happen. We learnt about heat energy in Week 2 and light energy last week and in groups we discussed our understanding of these forms of energy. After viewing videos about various aspects of each form of energy, we performed experiments to test some of our theories and knowledge. We are working with Year 3 for Science each week and we are enjoying the group work and activities very much. For Physical Education, we are once again joining with Year 3. Our unit is titled, Movement Exploration, and we are practising Fundamental Movement Skills in a variety of activities and games.

Mrs Carroll is very impressed with our start to the year!

YEAR 5/6

What a wonderful celebration it was on Friday of last week when our leaders for 2020 were inducted at our Opening School Mass. I was, and am, very proud of the way they have thrown themselves into the role with enthusiasm and pride. They are certainly setting the benchmark for all future leadership groups at OLV.

I am also incredibly impressed with the way that Year 6 have led the school in assemblies, both in the hall and in the COLA. Whilst a new experience, and nerves are attached to this, they have done themselves proud. Every Year 6 student will have the opportunity to do this on numerous occasions throughout the year.

The first out-of-school leadership opportunity will come in the form of the a Mass for the Diocesan launch of Caritas and Catholic Schools Week at the Cathedral next week. More information to those who have expressed an interest in attending and representing OLV will go home later in the week.

We welcome Xanthie Atkinson who has blended beautifully into our group.

As the Compass message informed you, our parent session set down for last week, was cancelled. If you would like to make a time to see either Kate, myself, or both, please do not hesitate to send me an email or call the office to make mutually convenient arrangements.

In Religion, we have been investigating the terms ‘mission’, ‘Kingdom’ and Good News’ and have listened to what the Bible tells us about these.

In English we have been looking at the Declaration of Human Rights and from this we wrote a recipe for a ‘perfect’ world. We have since discussed the close bond we have with our families as this is the basis of the novel we are about to delve into. We have looked at the various covers of the novel and from these written predictions for the story.

In Maths, we have been reading, representing, writing and working with very large numbers. Place value is in integral part of mathematics. Without a sound understanding this can increase the difficulty of all maths. We have also looked at factors and multiples, which is also crucial. We are now working on strategies to assist with multiplication problems. By this stage in their learning, students should have a sound knowledge and rapid recall of the multiplication facts, but of course, this is not true for all students. If your child needs to learn their tables, please help them out with this. Choose a fact a day, or even a week, and ask them often – eventually it will stick! https://www.multiplication.com/games/all-games is a site on which they can practice their tables.



Accessing Lexia Core 5 at home

Many children at school are accessing the Lexia Core 5 reading program. It helps build reading and spelling skills as well as extend vocabulary and comprehension skills.

If you would like to use the program at home you can download it for FREE

There have been some recent updates to the Lexia reading program.

You do not need to download the program anymore on your computer but can use the link below

(just keep it in your Favourites)


This is the best way as you will always be using the most recent updated version

You should use Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge


If you do download just go tohttps://www.lexialearning.com/core5-downloads and download the UK version


If you are using an iPad then you need to remove any old version of Lexia and download the latest version and register the device using email address     lady@victories.com.au

 You can download the app from here:


If you have any difficulties, please contact me at school on a Tuesday or Friday.

Mrs McCallum

A very big thank you to families for so many students bringing in library bags on Wednesday. It was so wonderful to see and they were so happy and excited to be able to borrow books to take home. Just a reminder that borrowing is each Wednesday. Books are to be returned the following Wednesday.

For those who are still to buy a library bag they are available for purchase from the school for the  $15.00. A bag from anywhere is also fine as long as they protect the library books. Please do not send plastic shopping bags.



We had 18 students representing the school yesterday at the North Region Swimming Carnival on Tuesday. I was very impressed by the enthusiasm all the children showed in their races and the amount of enjoyment they were experiencing competing in a friendly rivalry with other children in the region. We are very proud of them all in the way they represented OLV. Special mention to Gemma M, Isla W and Bailey W who made it to the next level. They will be representing the school and the region at the Diocesan carnival at the end of the month.


Any children in Year 5 or 6 who wish to try out for the following sports to represent the region need to contact Mr V before Monday next week. Sports available are: Hockey, Rugby League, Soccer, Netball and AFL. Children need to be playing with a registered club on a weekly basis in the sport of choice and should be of representative standard.

We would like to wish the following children a Happy Birthday


Thea W, Levi P, Ruby A, Evie H, Millie H, Charlie F, Madelyn M, Charlie F, Madelyn M

Congratulations and we hope you had a happy day



Kinder Sophia  T, Chase S
Year 1 Max B, Isabella T, Daniel Z, Jesse M
Year 2 Joseph B, Aleisha e, Tobias I, Milie H
Year 3 Gemma M, Max G, Freya B, Ojo T
Year 4 Marley B, Harry F, Isla W
Year 5/6 Georgina H, El W, Bailey W, Logan E
Lexia Awards Ruby A - Level 4, Isabella T - Level 3 and 4, Jesse M - Level 1

You will be able to access the school newsletter here and notifications will come through Schoolzine. Please DO NOT use the old SkoolBag App. It is no longer used for communications of notifications and messages..

Go to this link to download the Schoolzine App:


We are waiting patiently for final “official” approvals for the start date of St Nicholas OOSH. Once we

Check out this link for more info on St Nicholas OOSH.