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Term 1 Week 8

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Term 1 Week 8

COVID 19 (Corona Virus) UPDATE

It is disheartening to have to open the newsletter with explaining the changes to routines and activities that have been by the Corona Virus at OLV. Our community involvement and support is what makes our school such a wonderful place.

Let me begin by explaining that the risk of catching the virus is minimal but should be treated seriously. Our school and schools systems are responding to the expert advice of the medical and education officers of the Federal and State governments.

One of the recommendations is to limit the contact with each other - social distancing. It is recommended that we keep our distance and reduce the physical interaction with each other, so no hand shaking or morning hugs for your friends -- foot or elbow bumps instead, please. 

The aim is to reduce the speed and affect of the growing spread of the virus amongst the community. With this in mind it is with sadness that the following changes to our activities need to be made.

The following planned activities will be cancelled or put on hold till after the Easter holidays (when a new assessment of the situation will be made):

  • Monday morning Liturgies
  • Friday Assemblies
  • Friday Stations of the Cross
  • ANZAC Liturgy (April 8)
  • Yr 3 & Yr 4 Stations of the Cross (April 6)
  • P&F Meeting (March 23)
  • School Cross Country (April 8)
  • Easter Parade ( April 9)
  • 1-2-3 Magic Parenting Program (March 24 & 31, April 7)
  • Diocesan & Polding sports trials
  • Visits to AVEO

The other important recommendation is to heighten our awareness of personal hygiene. To this aim we have done the following:

  • placed posters in each class and around the school to explain the best method to wash hands and what to do when coughing or sneezing;
  • ordered replacement  timed "knobs" to replace the difficult to manage cam action taps in the children's toilets;
  • provided each class and office with hand sanitiser for regular use;
  • increase and targeted cleaning services
  • encourage and practise "social distancing"

We are considering the risk of volunteers and outside specialists being within the school precinct for non-essential interaction. This might affect our lunch time dancing, our music tutor and NDIS specialists who service the school. 

It is also recommended and strongly insisted, that if children or parents feel sick in any way, they should stay at home.

The Catholic Schools Office is posting an "UPDATE" each day at 4:00pm on their Homepage. It is highly recommended that parents visit this page for the latest news and how it affects our school community. The link is:


Our teachers will be using the some of te following resources to describe the virus to thir students. Youo might like to share them as well. They might help allay some of the anxieties your children may have.

With everyone's cooperation we will be able to manage the spread of the virus.

Good luck in the shops :)


Yesterday, all principals and CSO Executive staff of the Maitland-Newcastle Diocesan schools particiaptied in a video link conference regarding the implications of the Corona Virus. The main message was that Catholic Schools in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese will remain open till the Easter break unless things change dramatically. We will be given advice closer to Easter about what the situation will be after the break. But, at this point in time, school will resume after the holidays on Monday, 27 April 


We had a wonderful response by families that are interested in having their children explore the endless learning opportunities that children experience outside the school day. Whilst unfortunately, the Newcastle University representative is unable to present children with their passports personally (due to the restrictions of the virus), all those that expressed interest will receive their "Learning Passports" on Thursday 26 March at lunchtime.

1-2-3 MAGIC

As mentioned above we have had to postpone this parenting program being offered by the Family Action Group. It will not run here at school this term. After the holidays we will assess if and when it can be provided. Apologies.


One of the recommendations to counter the spread of the C19 virus is to SELF ISOLATE if you suspect or are showing signs of illness. Some parents have decided to do this already due to the risk categories they might be in - immunosuppressed, diabetic, heart conditions etc. Teachers are planning to develop work programs to provide some focus for learning activities which children can do at home. If you do decide to SELF ISOLATE please call the office if you require some work to be sent home. You must however send a note to the school explaing your reasons for self-isolating, especially if you do not fall within th eguidelenes of travel or contact with infected people.


Here is an example of how children might spend their day in self-isolation:


As you are aware, our Kindergarten child have been participating in  the Successful Foundations program during the first 5 weeks of the term. The researchers behind this program would like to hear our Kinder parents' opinions of it.
Please find a Survey Monkey link from our Education Officer-Early Learning, Kim Moroney; Dr Cathie Harrison and Project Officer-Early Learning, Bridie Stanger; inviting you to complete a survey about your child’s  involvement in the Successful Foundations Action Research Project.
Thank you in advance for completing the survey by Friday 20th March 2020.We look forward to hearing your feedback regarding Successful Foundations.

Every Thursday morning all staff gather together to pray as a community. Last week Helen Carroll led our prayer. We thought that this prayer would be relevant to share with our school community.


Jesus Christ, you travelled through towns and villages “curing every disease and illness.” At your command, the sick were made well. Come to our aid now, in the midst of the global spread of the coronavirus, that we may experience your healing love.

Heal those who are sick with the virus. May they regain their strength and health through quality medical care.

Heal us from our fear, which prevents nations from working together and neighbours from helping one another.

Heal us from our pride, which can make us claim invulnerability to a disease that knows no borders.

Jesus Christ, healer of all, stay by our side in this time of uncertainty and sorrow.

Be with those who have died from the virus. May they be at rest with you in your eternal peace.

Be with the families of those who are sick or have died. As they worry and grieve, defend them from illness and despair. May they know your peace.

Be with the doctors, nurses, researchers and all medical professionals who seek to heal and help those affected and who put themselves at risk in the process. May they know your protection and peace.

Be with the leaders of all nations. Give them the foresight to act with charity and true concern for the well-being of the people they are meant to serve. Give them the wisdom to invest in long-term solutions that will help prepare for or prevent future outbreaks. May they know your peace, as they work together to achieve it on earth.

Whether we are home or abroad, surrounded by many people suffering from this illness or only a few, Jesus Christ, stay with us as we endure and mourn, persist and prepare. In place of our anxiety, give us your peace.

Jesus Christ, heal us. AMEN


Caritas- Project Compassion

This week we will be having a guessing competition to be part of this bring along 50 cents on Wednesday.

Next week Friday 27th March we will be having an Out of Uniform Day.  It will be a gold coin donation which will go towards Caritas.  

AVEO Visits

All class visits to AVEO have been cancelled due to the risk of the COVID 19.

Station of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross in the Church has been cancelled due to the risk of the COVID 19

Paper Plane Competition

Last week this very successful competition was held in the COLA during lunch time.  It was amazing to see how many enthusatic "pilots" we have at OLV.  By the sounds of the squeals of the students a lot of fun was had.  Congratulations to those who won their division.

Lolly Guessing Competition

This was an overwhelming success and will be repeated on Friday.

Stations of the Cross

We have all been amazed at how reverent and respectful our Altar servers have been as they assisted Father during our Friday afternoon sessions.
Keep up to date with Compass as to further activities to assist us in raising funds for Project Compassion.



Term 1 School Fees now overdue

Fee statements have been emailed to the email address nominated to the school.  Please ensure your email and address details are up to date and notify us of any changes immediately.  Paper copies have also gone with with the students.If you have not received your statement please contact the office.  Term 1 School Fees are now overdue.  Please pay promptly by the following methods.

Payment Options:


Our Biller Code is 136119 and the Reference Number is the account number on your statement (BPAY is only available for fee payments.  If you pay any excursions etc via BPAY please email the school otherwise the payment will be deducted from your fees.

Direct Debit: 

Please contact the office for a Direct Debit Request Form.


Payment plans are offered commencing Term 1.  Your nominated deduction amount must be finalised by the due date on your payment plan.  If you wish to pay by instalments you can contact Leanne in the office to assist you in calculating a week, fortnightly or monthly payment.

Credit Card/Eftpos:

OLV accepts Mastercard of Visa only. An authorisation slip is provided at the bottom of your statement each term.  Payments can also be made over the telephone

In Person

Parents are welcome to pay directly to the office between 8.30am and 3.00pm.


2021 Kindergarten Enrolment

2021 Kindergarten Enrolments are now open.  If you have a child starting Kindergarten next year please contact the office to collect your enrolment pack.
If you know anyone in the area who has a child starting Kindergarten next year please let them know to contact the office for an enrolment pack.



All new volunteers who wish to volunteer at Our Lady of Victories (or any school/parish in the Diocese) are required to complete the Volunteer Induction Handbook.  This hand book covers all aspects of volunteering at school from Induction through to Code of Conduct, WHS, Confidentiality and Privacy.  Volunteers are required to complete a National Criminal History Check Consent Form (150 point of ID required), Working with Children Check Clearance, Registration Form, Volunteer Policy Declaration and Code of Conduct Declaration.  Volunteers are only able to assist in schools once all documents have been received and cleared (this can take up to 3 weeks).

The steps to obtain a Working with Children Check Clearance Number are as follows:

  1. Fill out an online application from www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/check
  2. When you have completed the application form, you will receive and Application number (APP by email.
  3. Take this Application number and proof of your identity to a NSW motor registry or Service NSW Office.  As it is not paid work the $80.00 fee will be waived.
  4. Once your application has been processed and you are cleared, you will receive your Working with Children Check number (WWC) by email( or post if you do have an email address).

Check out this link for more info on St Nicholas OOSH.


As part of Our Lady of Victories’ commitment to student safety and welfare, our school has begun notifying parents of their child’s unexplained absence via SMS message & email.

This service provides an SMS / email notification to parents of children who are marked absent from school without explanation once the roll has been checked in the morning.

Where possible, it would be appreciated if parents can notify the school at their earliest convenience regarding a child’s absence.

 If a child is going to be absent for the day or is intending to arrive late (e.g. medical appointments etc.), then parents are asked to use the COMPASS APP or call the office to notify the school before 9:30am on the day rather than sending a note afterward.

It is hoped that by providing this service and in partnership with families we can continue to ensure all possible mechanisms are in place to maintain the safety of our students.


COMPASS is the preferred method of informing the school that your child is away. By sending it through COMPASS, it is immediately synced to the class roll. Teachers endeavour (technology permitting) to have their rolls marked by 9:30am. If your child is not present and you have not sent a compass notification (or contacted the office of an absence) you will be sent an SMS to advise that we have not received an absence “note” and your child is not present.

Please refrain from using other electronic forms of notifications such as email, Schoolzine or other APPS we have used in the past. If in doubt, call the office.

You will be able to access the school newsletter here and notifications will come through Schoolzine. Please DO NOT use the old SkoolBag App. It is no longer used for communications of notifications and messages..

Go to this link to download the Schoolzine App:



Kindergarten viewed photos of their play provocations and reflected on different aspects of their play. The boys miss the play with boxes. Some of their reflections are included along with photos.

OLV  Shortland Box Play  2020

 Names: Billy, Levi, Jensen, Lachlan, Van, Vinny, Eli, Khal, Andre

  • What do you remember about play?

B: It was fun because we were playing to kill the ghosts. Van, Lachlan and me were on duty to keep the ghosts away.

E: When Van and me were in the tank, we used a super missile.


Teacher: What made your play work?

 L: We had all the team helping us build it and that’s how it worked. We made it the same every day.

  • What did you love most?

J: I could make laser arms for myself out of boxes to get the ghosts.

L: We could make some cannons. We needed them to shoot the ghosts.

La: I drove the cannon and Van was the boss of the soldiers.

V: I was shooting the cannon and shooting the tank. We had to get the boss of the ghosts.

  • Can you tell me some things you learned while you were playing?  

 J: I was learning to make a good box fort.

La: I was learning to drive the cannon

L: I was learning to make new cannons

V: I was learning to be the boss of the soldiers

B: We played together. It was good because we put lasers there so the ghosts can’t get in.

  • When you were playing, where did you feel the most happy? Why?

 Andre: It was fun because Khal and me were friends.

The girls miss shop play, however we will go shopping in the future when we learn about dollars and cents in Maths.  Their reflections and photos are also included. 

OLV Shortland Shop Play 2020    

Names: Jesuloba, Joyce, Grace, Anabel

  • What do you remember about play?

G: I was buying vegetables for the party, Erleen and me. “I want vegetables for the party.” “Give me a birthday cake. I need one for Erleen.” “It costs 5 bucks.”

  • What did you love most?

 J: Making drinks- milkshakes, strawberries, oranges, lemons and bananas. The boys were not allowed to be the shopkeeper. I liked ringing the bell for someone to come.

  • Can you tell me some things you learned while you were playing?  

A: We learned about how to make the fruit naks.

  • When you were playing, where did you feel the most happy? Why?

 A: At the shop because we had sell some food and stuff. We made fruit naks and were selling them. They were 50 cents. Everybody came and buyed them. I had to help Natalia do the customers.


In Religion we’ve been learning about ways that we can grow closer to God during Lent: through almsgiving, prayer and fasting. We all thought of positive ways we can help and support others as we journey through Lent towards Easter. In English we shared the story ‘Tick tock tick tock, What’s up, Croc?’ by Kim Toft. It follows a day in the life of a saltwater crocodile. The story led us to investigate crocodiles in more detail and we wrote simple information reports highlighting the habitat, diet and physical features of saltwater crocodiles. Year 1 were encouraged to be creative in their descriptions.. ‘The crocodile’s claws are as sharp as broken glass’ (Sienna); ‘The crocodile has bumps on its skin and beady eyes’ (Pippa). In Maths last week we were learning about Fractions, in particular halves.  This week, we have been working on Time.  Year 1 have been learning about the calendar, that there are 12 months in a year, and have also been learning a little rhyme to remember how many days are in each month.  In Health we have been reading a few texts on ‘friendship’ including ‘Henry and Amy’ by Stephen Michael King and ‘Is that what Friends do?’ by Majorie Newman.  We have discussed important qualities that help build friendships. We’ve started some Easter painting already in Creative Arts, to help decorate our room before the holidays get here!


We have started our Lent and Easter unit in Religion. The children impressed me with the knowledge they already have on this topic.  Please ask them to share what they learn each day with you.

In Science last week the children had to create a mini machine and it was so good to watch the children work in pairs and solve problems they came across. Ask your child to explain this task to you.

During Health this term we have talked about feelings, being inclusive and talking about safe environments. We have had some really strong discussions during our Health lessons.

In English we have focused on speech marks- What they tell us as a reader and also learning how to write conversations within our writing.

Our focus last week in Mathematics was multiplication specifically drawing groups of, rows of and connecting repeated addition to multiplication.



Religion: we have been reading about the teachings of Jesus in relation to Lent. In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus teaches people to give to the needy, pray to our Father in Heaven, forgive others and that having riches has no value to God. In this way, the Church’s teachings about Lent is to give to the poor (almsgiving), to pray more and fast.

English: we continue to enjoy reading the book ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’ by Kate DiCamillo. Not only are we improving our comprehension skills, we are also enjoying listening to the ups and downs that Edward is experiencing.

Mathematics: we have been doing lots of work on multiplication and learning the multiplication tables. We have created arrays to show the connection between multiplication and division. We have also done some problem solving using the ‘find-a-pattern’ strategy.  

Science: in last week’s lesson, we discussed a lot about heat and the concept of conduction. We also learnt about wind power and the workings of a wind turbine.

Physical Education (Wednesdays with Year 4): we have had a lot of fun over the last two weeks designing obstacle courses that would demonstrate our skills in balance, hop, skip and gallop. Over the next four weeks, we will be learning and practicing athletic skills.

History: we have been listening to stories from the book ‘Playground’ by Nadia Wheatlley. Many of the short stories and extracts are by Australian Aborigines who describe the special connection they have with the land. ‘Home’ for them is not a house with a yard, it is much more. ‘Home’ is the country and everything in it. This got us thinking about the things that are important to us - in terms of community. Things like parks, shopping centres, family, friends, neighbours, school – all the things and places where we feel that we are a part of.


In Religion, we are studying Lent and Easter. We have looked at readings that relate to the themes of Lent and we have written our interpretations of the messages within them.

In English, we are now enjoying our new Reading groups. We have a range of activities that are helping us to understand the many types of reading materials we encounter. One group reads each day with Mrs Carroll.

In History this week, we learnt about food and of the special relationship the Aboriginal people have with the land. We brainstormed foods we thought our Indigenous people ate before the arrival of white man. We listed a lot of the foods before we viewed a film clip but were surprised to find out about witchetty grubs! Some of our class have eaten kangaroo and emu and shared their stories.

In Maths, we worked on some fun activities to study area. We used transparent hundreds squares to measure a variety of objects in our room in square centimetres. We also went on a hunt in our classroom to find objects that had a surface area of 200 cm2 – it was tricky, but we worked together to find a few. We are working on fractions this week and had fun finding equivalent fractions represented in four different ways. Our problem solving focus this week has been Draw a Table. It is another important strategy in helping us to find answers to problems.

In Science, we tested our knowledge on transference of heat. We also looked at renewable energy sources and we are planning to make a windmill this week to see how wind generates energy.

In Music last week, we worked in two groups to create silent movies using background

music. We really enjoyed creating our movies and it was great to watch each other!

In Physical Education, we are working on athletic skills over the next four weeks.

This week we are doing skipping for our morning PE Rotations.

Looking for surfaces with an area of 200cm2

Measuring the area of our desks.

YEAR 5/6

This week’s newsletter items have been written by the members of our class.

CSW mass at the CSO:

The Catholic Schools Week theme for 2020 is “Drawing from the well of God’s life which empowers us to ‘Go further together’ nourished, sustained, refreshed, united in God’s love witnessing to Christ.”Deacon, Bailey, Sam, Olivia and Logan went to the Cathedral in Hamilton to participate in the Cartas Mass. The mass was interesting , the choir was amazing, and the pancakes afterwards were delicious. (Olivia and Logan)

Our AVEO visit -

On Thursday in Week 5, we went to AVEO retirement village in Shortland. We got a choice of beading, indoor bowling, table tennis or golf. It was amazing fun and we can’t wait to go again. (Maria and Bree)

In Religion, we have started our new unit on Lent and Easter and have begun learning how to fully explain the themes of each. (Ms McGann)

In English we have been reading a book called “Little Brother’ by Allan Baillie and writing a 10 word summary for every chapter. The story is set in Kampuchea (Cambodia) and the last chapter was about Vithy, our main character, hiding on a truck travelling to Siem Reap. (Bailey and Deacon)

In Maths we have been learning about patterns and algebra. We have even been looking to solve our problems using the ‘Find a Pattern’ strategy. (Julian and Elssie)

In Geography we have been learning about the 7 continents, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Antarctica, North America and South America. We are also learning about latitude and longitude and all the Asian countries. (Ewan and Lachlan)

In Science we have been learning about kinetic and potential energy. We made roller coasters with foam tubes cut in half horizontally as examples of these types of energy. We all had a really great time making these and learning in this way. (Georgina and Xanthie)

In PDH we have been looking at our health, safety and wellbeing. For PE we have been learning soccer and skipping and for sport. (Jack, Ari and Sam)

In Art we have been learning about, sketching and painting the great wave of Hokusai. (Annalise and El)

In Music we have been learning new notes and practicing the notes we have already learnt and in groups made up our own rhyming song that we then performed in front of the class.  (Xavier, Archie and Levi)




Until further notice, all whole school sporting activities will be on hold -- this means no Cross Country later this term. The cancellation also applies to Diocesan and Polding Trials such as Swimming, AFL, Touch Football etc.

Depending on how things are after the Easter break, the holding of our School Athletics Carnival scheduled for the 12 June will be assessed.

We would like to wish the following children a Happy Birthday

 Grace B, Harry F, Harrison S, Jesuloba A, Sophia T

Congratulations and we hope you had a happy day



Kinder Mila C, Ariana C, Levi A, Thomas W
Year 1 Luka S, Grace G, Jimmy H, Ruby A, 
Year 2 Isabella C, Maxwell W, Charlie F, Maddison H
Year 3 Margreit K, Harrison S, Alek S, Ava G, Freya B
Year 4 Tahlia B, Cooper C, Ruby P
Year 5/6 Sam T, Maria K, Annalise F, Xavier N
Leaders Van K, Ruby A
Principals Year 2
Lexia Awards Luka S - Level 2, Max B - Level 3, Madelyn M - Level 3, Chase B - Level 4, Charlotte H - Level 3, Joseph B - Level 4, Shammah N - Level 4, Maxwell W - Level 5