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Term 1 Week 3

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Term 1 Week 3


It might seem a little late, but it is great to see everyone at OLV again. The start of the year was a bit disjointed for a number of reasons -- extra PFD, Yr 1 prep for Successful Foundations, Kinder starting later than usual and of course that horrible COVID. But the enthusiasm, excitement and joy of starting a new year is all that you need to enjoy coming back for another year. 

We have lots of new children and families to welcome as they start the new school year. With 20 new Kinders and a smattering of new students throughout the other classes, our school has grown a little and we look forward to our new families learning lots and enjoying life at OLV. Welcome to Allison, Ruby, Josie, Matilda, Lucy, Kaidence, Christopher, Ruby, Jemima, Poppy, Malachi, Elizabeth, Charlie, Cherokee, Tomi, Thomas, Beatrice, Maksim, Eleanor and Henry in Kinder, Lily in Year 1, Leisha and Emmesen in Year 3 and Sonia in Year 5.

Our new Year 6 students are champing at the bit with anticipation for the year ahead and have begun to step into their leadership roles with gusto. We look forward to formally inducting them into their leadership roles at Mass tomorrow. Already they have shown they are up to it, performing some of their responsibilities so well.


One of the lessons we have learnt for COVID is that things are changing all the time. There are a number of restrictions that make it necessary to organise our dismissal a little differently this first term. Added to the responsibilty for the safety of all the children, we ask parents to be patient and to follow these simple instructions.


We are trying to spread out the contact of adults with the children (especially not your own). To do this we have nominated certain gates for the children to leave.

Whilst only a suggestion, we would like children in Yrs 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 to be picked up from the bottom gate on Lovell Pde. Kinder & Yr 1 and their siblings of these children will exit via the top gate on Lovell Pde.


It would be most practical for siblings to leave via the same gate. It is suggested that parents decide from which gate siblings should leave together ready for collection. We ask that this arrangement stays uniform throughout the term so we know who to expect at which gate. Siblings of Kinder and Yr 1 to the top gate. The children have been advised about this and have practised lining up  for the correct gate. The entrance gate on Sandgate Rd is also a good alternative for those who wish to pick up from there, especially children in Yrs 3-6. Just park along Sandgate Rd and meet your child at the gate.


So that we don't have a flood of children and adults at each gate, we ask that social distancing be adhered to when waiting for your children. Parents are asked to line up along the footpath on Lovell Pde outside each gate - the red spots are good indicators. Please move forward along the dots as your children exit the gates then move immediately to your vehicle.


My observations of the affternoon dismissal tells me that there are some dangerous practices being employed along Lovell Pde. As it is not a wide street and parents and teachers are parking on both sides of the street, we need to be mindful of the children's saftety when crossing over. That is why we are insisting no child leaves the gate without the hand of an adult. If you are driving along Lovell Pde please take care and try to avoid doing a U-Turn at Malta Street (directly opposite the top gate) or anywhere else in the street.


Due to some perceived delay and the need to be somewhere else quickly, some parents are deciding to pick up their children early before the bell rings at 2:55. We are trying to ensure that children are out the gates by 3:00pm as best we can. Regular early pickups are something we do not encourage as this will  affect your child's attendance record. Please be patient.


Tomorrow we will be holding the first school Mass for the year. We will be celebrating the start of the year and making a commintment to our Teaching and Learning for 2021. At this Mass the Year 6 will be "inducted" as leaders of the school and be presented with their Leaders Badge and Blazer.

Parents only of Yr 6 children are welcome to join us but must check in at the office upon arrival, follow the COVID procedures and sit socially distanced from children, staff and each other. Sorry, no other relatives at  this time. Mass commences at 9:15am in the school hall.


It has been brought to my attention that there is some confusion regarding morning bell times. This is the offical practise. 

First bell at 8:50  -- this reminds children who are here to go to the toilet, wash their hands, grab a drink of water and line up.

A Second Bell at 8:55am -- All children should be at school by this time. This bell signals the beginning of our morning assembly, which involves our school prayer, messages and birthday announcements.  Then it is straight off to class.

Welcome back I hope you had a lovely time with your children during the Christmas break.

Monday Morning Liturgies

As most of you have already seen on Facebook, Year 5/6 led our Monday Liturgy this week. The theme was Talents. We will  continue videoing our Monday Liturgies and posting them on Facebook so parents are able to be part of our liturgical celebrations.


Next week is the beginning of Lent. We will celebrate Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Tuesday) on Tuesday. The children will be able to purchase a small pancake for 50c or a large pancake for $1. They can have a choice of toppings- jam, cream, butter, golden syrup. We will advertise this on Facebook next week as a reminder.

Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Year 2 will lead us in this Liturgy. Traditionally the children would receive ashes on their foreheads, but due to COVID, this will not happen. Our Ash Wednesday Liturgy will be posted on Facebook for parents to view.

Sacramental Program

Children in Year 3-6 are able to participate in our Parish Sacramental Program. A letter explaining the program is attached. If your child is interested you need to complete the form attached and book yourself into the information night on the 17th February. Please return the form by dropping it off to Wallsend Parish office or via the email provided on the form.


Kindergarten Term 1 Overview

Year 1

Year 1 Term 1 Overview

Year 2

Year 2 Term Overview

Year 3

Year 3 Term Overview

Year 4

Year 4 Term Overview

 Year 5/6

Year 5/6 Term Overview

Kinder - Yr 6 PE - Gymnastics

This term all children are attending a Gymnastics program provided by Primarily Active. The children will be exploring the different ways the body can move and provide a foundation for skills associated with movement activities. The program will provide students with the opportunity to explore what their bodies can do, the space within which their bodies can move and the environment within which such movements take place. This will be achieved through movement exploration experiences involving locomotor and non-locomotor skills, leading to acquisition of some specific gymnastic skills.




Thanks to everyone who is using the COMPASS App. It is encouraging to see the increasing number using it to notify of absences. We ask that if you are picking up your child early for an appointment etc, then you don't notify using the APP until you actually pick up your child. You may email the teacher or send in a note to inform the teacher of yur child's early departure, or you can call the school of your intention and the pickup time will be recorded through the office.

If you enthusiastically use the APP in the morning to notify of an early departure for the afternoon then this can cause problems with the COMPASS attendance. 


School_Fees.jfifParents will receive a letter from the Director of Schools explaining the BIlling Cycle for school fees in 2021. It explains that the whole year will be billed at the beginning of the year and parents/carers will nominate their payment strategy to meet this commintment.

Those parents who wish to seek assistance need to make an appointment to see the Principal to discuss their situations. All those that have negotiated a payment plan in the past will need to revist that agreement by also making an appointment with me to discuss any changes.



We wish our swimming squad the best of luck on Monday next week. They will be competing against the other schools in the North Region at the annual regional carninval. The best swimmers at this carninval will be selected to represent the region at the Diocesan trial in March. Good Luck to: Oliver, Harrison, Fin, Clayton, Julian, Kasey, El, Isla, Georgina, Zoe, Suma & Gemma.



We are looking for talented players of NETBALL, SOCCER, HOCKEY AND RUGBY LEAGUE in Year 5 & 6 who wish to trial for the Regional teams. Children need to be playing these sports on regular weekend competition and be highly skilled in their sport at a representative level. Please let Mr V know if your child is interested.

Kinder Thomas O, Jemima K, Ruby H, Malachi K
Year 1 Lily P, Tom W, Khal D, Erleen S
Year 2 Kasey S, Gabriella K, Isabella T, Max B
Year 3 Virginia V, Tobias I, Emmerson P, Millie H, Leisha K
Year 4 Tyson L, Ava G, Chase B, Alek S
Year 5/6 Julian A, Isla W, Sonia K, Elsie O
Principals All Kindergarten, for their calm and settled way they completed their very first week of school.
Lexia Awards Junior H, Jimmy H, Anabel L, Ojo T

We would like to wish the following children a Happy Birthday

Kindergarten Ruby H, Tomi O, Henry W
Year 1 Lily P, Billy F
Year 2 Laura N,
Year 3 Leisha K, William T, Benjamin T, Lilly W
Year 4 Gemma M, Summer P
Year 5/6 Annalise F, Ruby P,

Congratulations and we hope you had a happy day



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